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BTS_Beijing_Camera Crew
Beijing Camera Crew
BTS_Beijing_Camera Crew

Previous Work Shot By Our Camera Crew In Beijing. 

Frequenly Asked Question Regarding Filming in Beijing

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How is my price determined?

We match your content with the right level of camera crew. From there, we add all the necessary camera gear and equipment cost. If the project requires a lot of equipment, we will add the assistant to speed up the loading & set up. 

Can you shoot in the public space in Beijing?

You cannot do any filming in the public without the licence in Beijing, such as city street, metro station, airport etc.

You can get away with small camera and quick set up. We do not recommand you do so, as there is a lot of police & security guards in the city area in Beijing, and they will question your filming intention once they stop you.

Can you fly a drone in Beijing?

The area within the 6th ring road of Beijing is not allowed to operate the drone, you will find that in the DJ I app the area within is marked in red. 

The best chance of flying a drone in Beijing is get out of the 6th ring road, and avoid the train track and airport. 

Can you do half day rate?

Unfortunetly it’s difficult to measure the shooting for half day. The crew travel to the shooting site can already take 1 hour, adding the load in and wrap up time, it’s not realistic for half day budget to work. 

How long is turnaround time?

If you already have a shotlist and script, and location is confirmed.

We can set up the camera crew in Beijing within 48 hours. 

The national holidays in China might cause some delay, so try to avoid those days for the shooting.

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