A year of Remote Shooting

Before COVID-19, almost no one would think remote shooting would be a serious thing, every since the pandemic, global film production situation has dramatically changed, with the limit access to the different countries, it’s almost impossible to send film crew from somewhere to different countries.

The situation in China is almost the same, the only difference is that China’s situation has been controlled well and most cities including Wuhan are open for business, people can travel to different region of China without quarantine.

During 2020, we have done many shoots for our oversea clients, whether it’s in Shanghai, Beijing or anywhere else, we built a successful process to make sure our clients get their project done remotely.

Here is a couple of showcasing of our last few years project:

Spotlight Squad With Chinese celebrity Yaochen, our 1st big scale remote shooting in China.

Our client approached to us with this project, that we helped our clients set up the whole shoot remotely in Sanya Hainan island, the director Tom Murno is from UK and we were live communicating with him&his team online, while we have to manage the set and talent under a time limit, the whole shoot went very smoothly because we had a great early communication with the talent&clients.

remote shooting China
We had a great time working with the talent Yaochen and Tom Murno

This was not the first time we worked for this client, we had another shoot before COVID in 2019.

This shoot was not remote filming, but we had to work under a very short notice and running around in Beijing with camera crew. In the end the result speaks for itself, so all the hustle was worth it.

1st Filming project after the COVID-19 in Shanghai

In the start of the year, we thought the COVID was going to ruin the whole film production industry, we were glad after the situation turned stable after two months, that’s when Corsak the local Shanghai music artist approached us. We helped him found the location and shot this series of music videos, again, a very talented musician with friendly attitude, makes the whole shoot easy.

Nothing is more challenge than studio shoot with a celebrity, we had this shoot done two months ago with another talent, the video will be released soon.
This was one of the shoot we did in Sanya airport, the great thing about shooting during COVID is that airport is empty and very easy to control the background movement.
Our camera crew travelled all the way to Dalian for a client’s virtual ceremony shoot, we found the location, shoot everything while client in oversea stay connected.
Corporate video is always our thing, we had a few corporate videos ready to show you in next couple of weeks.
We had chance to travel to Sanya twice in 2020, it’s such a amazing place that we didn’t realize exist in China till COVID.

We have a few more projects that in the post production process but we need to wait a couple of more weeks to release the finals, will keep you guys posted! If you need remote shooting services in China, feel free to get in touch: [email protected]

In Conclusion for the 2020, we missed a few months of work, but we are glad the breaks make us rest and rethink about our life, work, and many things that we don’t usually appreciate, we hope the world will get back to normal soon so all of us can live worry&strict free.

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