We provide top-notch resources for our clients’ commercial productions in China, including experienced DOP/Cinematographers and exclusive locations. Our team of producers ensures timely delivery while keeping budget constraints in mind. Take a look at some of our previous production support samples.

Westin Let’s Rise

We provided production services for our clients, 160over90, shooting a film across Shanghai, Nanjing, and Sanya over the course of a week. Our team utilized drone lights, FPV, and trinity, collaborating with talented local professionals to capture stunning footage for the project.

YSL x Nicolas Xie

We helped our clients DVNA with their YSL projects in Hong Kong and Shanghai, providing the location, equipment and crew support.

ARMANI x Jackson Yee

In late 2020, we assisted our clients in shooting Armani’s latest commercial in Shanghai, featuring popular male actor and icon, Jackson Yee 易烊千玺.


Feng Chen Wang and Piaggio are innovative fashion and urban mobility brands, respectively. Their collaboration is driven by shared values, initiating a multi-faceted conversation on freedom, sustainability, and mobility.