Our camera crew network provides a wide range of options for corporate clients to capture content in various areas of China, while working within budget constraints. We value agency partnerships and welcome inquiries for future shoots in China. Here’s a list of our previous work with corporate clients:

ABB Shanghai Mega Factory

We collaborated with Sassy Films & ABB during their filming in Shanghai. The Mega Factory’s advanced robo arms and machinery were awe-inspiring.

The Trade Desk

We helped The Trade Desk and casualfilms shoot part of their recruitment video in Shanghai, featuring their Shanghai employees sharing their experiences working at The Trade Desk.


We provided production support to Dell to interview their employees in Hong Kong for a video about cultivating inclusion in the company.


We recently had the privilege of shooting an IPO video for Hygeia in their hospital in Chongqing, gaining valuable insights into China’s medical and hospital industry in the process. We’re grateful for the opportunity to have been involved in their IPO.